Artwork Photoshoot: WJC Federal Building WPA Artwork

Image of the iconic stairs in the William Jefferson Federal Building.

Every day federal employees pass by these 1930s  Work Project Administration artwork commissioned as part of the Great Works Projects initiated by  President FDR as a way to put depression era painters to work assisting with federal work projects.   The William Jefferson Federal Building in Washington DC (previously called the Ariel Rios Building, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Offices) was the US Post Office Headquarters at the time these were commissioned as a result, a number of the paintings have US Mail themes given the building use at the time.  General Services Administration  oversees the maintenance  and restoration of the paintings.

I took these photos as I have not seen other high resolution photos of these paintings posted on the internet.  You are welcome to copy and use these images, please include attribution to Mark Seltzer Photography and a link back to the blog post:

Please note, some of the photos are misguided,  alter history and portray negative stereotypes of American Indians. Please see this website for the Society of American Indian Government Employees for more information. One of the paintings called “Danger of the Mail” has been covered with curtains as a result.

Below is the gallery of images.